Geometry Primer

As most student jobs are, I was limited to working 20 hours per week at Rose. With classes ending, my schedule for the summer allowed me to work more than 20 hours so I began looking for an additional summer job. Because I enjoyed my work at Rose so much I looked for jobs in other TRiO offices at nearby campuses. I found a program at Oklahoma City Community College that is related to the TRiO program that I worked for at Rose. They were looking for summer instructors for their Upward Bound program. Upward Bound serves high school students who meet certain criteria in a way that aims to help them to graduate high school and enroll in a college program. They were looking for applicants who were familiar with their program and who could teach a class of high school students. The subjects they were looking for would prepare the students for a class they would be taking when school started again in the fall. I submitted an application listing my qualifications and ideas for classes I thought that I was capable of teaching. I interviewed for the position and was offered the job.

The class was scheduled to meet twice a week for 8 weeks, but the May tornadoes of Oklahoma affected several students in the program and classes were delayed two weeks. In a way this was nice because it allowed me extra time to prepare worksheets and to plan the lessons I was to deliver. Having never had any formal training, I was very careful and tried to be extremely thoughtful in the way that I prepared for the class. I wanted on the first meeting to assess the students' understanding of what I thought were basic arithmetic skills that would be required for the class so that I could being the material in a way that would be appropriate based on their prior knowledge. So during our first meeting I asked the students to take a pre-test that would be the basis of where the class began and would serve as a reference for which to compare their final test to.

Pre-Test Angles & Polygons Pythagorean Theorem Distance & Midpoint Trig. Functions Final
Class Average: 87.2% 82.5% 74.2% 73.5% 78.7% 81.0%

The students performed as one might expect. Some got nearly all of the problems correct, and an equivalent amount missed nearly all of the problems. The majority of the class was somewhere in between. I have included their average scores for all of the assignments that they did including the pre-test and the final which happened to be the only test in the class due to how short it was and its informal nature.

Aside from what an excellent experience teaching this class was for me, there is not much else to mention about it other than the materials that I developed for the course. I created all of the reference sheets and worksheets that were used throughout the class. Of course, all of these materials were developed using images that I created myself or are in the public domain. PDFs of all of the materials can be downloaded at the links below and an editable publisher file for each document can be found in the zip file below.

The class was not intended to be rigorous. It was simply meant to be an introduction to the formal Geometry course they were to take in the fall following this class. I hope the students in my class learned merely half as much from me as I learned from them! It was a great experience.

Pre-Test: pre-test [467 KB]

Angles & Polygons: angles-and-polygons [393 KB]

Pythagorean Theorem: pythagorean-theorem [617 KB]

Distance & Midpoint: distance-and-midpoint [204 KB]

Trig. Functions: trigonometric-functions [1.7 MB]

Final: final [467 KB]

Editable Files: editable [1.07 MB]